What BBQ will cook your food best in the garden

Want to best things about the summer is the garden and having a good bit of food in the comfort of your home from a high quality BBQ. The Is out there to help you enjoy Arden and home in general. One of the most interesting things is the barbecue that we choose to use. Some prefer gas barbecues because it simply does the job quickly and then others swear by using Charcoal BBQs because they can’t get enough of that smoke wood flavour in their food. Either way, we’re going go through and have a look at the best barbecues available on market today.

Charcoal barbecue and the benefits.

If your one of the guys or girls that really likes to have a smokey wood flavour then you really can’t afford to have anything other than a charcoal bbq. this is because the flavour doesn’t actually come from the barbecue, but from the wood itself. And potentially you’re using charcoal and of course; that’s the wood as well.

It doesn’t really matter what way you look at it, if you haven’t got a barbecue that’s charcoal based, then your missing out on the overall benefits of being in the garden at home. Food on a charcoal BBQ is absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using a charcoal barbecue wherever possible.

Charcoal barbecue and the drawbacks

One of the biggest problems with charcoal BBQs is the amount of time it actually takes to get them going. If you’ve never actually been in a situation where your time pressed, then it won’t be an issue, however if you’re someone that perhaps is working hard all day, and you really have got a limited amount of time to get your food done, then there is possibility we might have to settle for a much faster solution for your home garden BBQ.

What about about gas barbecue?

Simply put the best thing about gas barbecue is the speed in which you can get your food ready. I took a quick look at the gas barbecues available on Garden Toolbox I want was immediately surprised by the sheer number of gas barbecues available. This is really good situation as a buyer because you can find yourself in a situation where all of the big suppliers are reducing their prices In order to gain your custom. So from my perspective, the two main benefits of having a gas barbecue while the cost of them as well as the speed at which you can use them in your garden.

What barbecue would you say is the best value for money?

Without hesitation I would turn my attention to a charcoal barbecue because they’re by far and away the best tasting. When I cook on a barbecue it’s because I really want my food to have that awesome smoky flavour, and just imagine if you marinated the meat as well. Whilst it’s really nice to have a gas barbecue outside and enjoy your garden, it’s absolutely nowhere near as effective as having a charcoal BBQ and it’s no rush and all enjoyment with the family. I purchased a simple charcoal BBQ for less than £50 and it was an amazing buy because I’ve used it almost all summer now and without hesitation I can safely say that I will probably be able to use it all of next summer as well. You can consider that as a pretty low cost solution for an excellent way to cook your food.

Ultimately all comes down to personal preference but from my perspective there’s no such thing as a real barbecue that hasn’t got charcoal, but that doesn’t mean to say the gas isn’t an unequal alternative if you’re short on time.

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